Meet John, the Excitable Ent

Ent 2

For some years now I’ve been looking for a green man incense burner.

I saw one for sale once in that shop that sells everything in Liverpool’s Albert Dock. You know the one.

It was a beaut. It had a long root-lined tray to collect the ashes. The green man himself was a large tree stump with a face. You put the incense stick in his mouth, so it looked like he was smoking.

I didn’t buy that beaut. I saw something similar in a new age shop that existed for a short while in Belper. I didn’t buy that one either. And since then a green man incense burner has been my¬†“white whale”. The monomaniacal hunt’s been on.

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Things Found Inside Other Things

Russian Dolls Measuring Cups

I buy a lot of things second hand.

One of the best things about buying second hand objects is that, sometimes, you find something unexpected on the inside.

I’m not talking about rat kings, dead crows, or strange glowing homunculi. I’m talking about things that have been slipped inside other things and forgotten.

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