Liverpool Psych Fest Wishlist!

Liverpool Psych Fest 2016

I recently got back from my third trip to the Liverpool Psych Fest!

You can read all about it on FCK LDN.

Well, not all about it. I didn’t write about absolutely everything, because that would have taken ages, and nobody pays me for this.

I know, you’re right. They should.

As per, I had a fantastic time, and as per, I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

And what’s more, I’m already formulating a wishlist of the acts I want them to book next year!

Here’s what I’d like to see at Liverpool Psych Fest 2017, and beyond.

DISCLAIMER OF SORTS – Part of the thrill of Liverpool Psych Fest is the months of deep listening that take place before each event. Usually, I’ve only heard of a handful of names on the bill, and there’s endless joy to be had in falling down one rabbit hole after another.

So what I’m saying is, ultimately I don’t care who they book for next year – I trust their judgement!

It’s just that… well, I’d be really quite pleased if any of the following names appeared.

Flying Lotus!

Lacklustre performances by Blanck Mass, Demdike Stare, and Grumbling Fur suggest that electronic music doesn’t really work at Liverpool Psych Fest. Well, that’s not quite true. Synths and samples sound fine. Processed beats, though, tend to fall flat.

But FlyLo’s beats don’t sound like anyone else’s beats. Something tells me that if anyone’s capable of making electronic music work at the Psych Fest, it’s FlyLo.

Kamasi Washington!

Jazz is an untapped vein for the Psych Fest, and who better to blaze the trail than the modern master of intergalactic deep space funk jams?

But having just played the Royal Albert Hall backed by a full choir and orchestra, Kamasi might now be a bit too big to headline the furnace.

And yet… jazz would work so well at the festival! And imagine having scores of unfamiliar jazz acts to get familiar with in the run up.

But who could possibly blaze the trail if not Mr. Washington?

Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing…

The Sun Ra Arkestra!

Yep, Sun Ra himself might have returned to Saturn, but under the watchful eye of sax giant Marshall Allen, his band is still committed to spreading his message to the people of Earth.

Space is the place, and this was meant to be.

And speaking of outlandish orchestras committed to the cosmic…

Shibusashirazu Orchestra!

Free jazz, strange banana rituals, action painting and performance art. The PZYK congregation wouldn’t know what hit it.

Hey, let’s wish for one last orchestra. You know… for old time’s sake…

Orchestra of Spheres!

OK, you got me. They’re not a real orchestra. They just like to pretend they are.

But the only thing more incredible than their “psychedelic sci-fi boogie” is the fact that they haven’t played the Psych Fest already.

Warning – the preceding video contained adult material and shouldn’t have been viewed by anyone.

The Boredoms!

Vision! Creation! New Sun!

True, they’re just as likely to suspend lengths of metal wire across the stage and hit screws with sticks as they are to assemble an orchestra of 70+ drummers (or to drive a bulldozer through the venue, for that matter), but no matter what madness they decided to bring to Camp & Furnace, I’m 100% certain it would be 100% excellent.

Animal Collective!

I don’t care what anyone says, these guys put on a beautiful show.

I’d love to see any incarnation of the collective make an appearance. A full band show would be the ideal, but I’d settle for a solo Panda Bear, Avey Tare with or without his Slasher Flicks, a rare Deakin solo appearance, or any combination of the above.

Even some live tape manipulation by Geologist would be a welcome addition to the Congregation.

The Clientele!

I yearn for The Clientele. They seldom play the UK, and when they do, they seldom play outside of London.

But more than that, their lush sound is the sound of autumn.  And given that the Psych Fest always seems to take place just as the seasons are starting to turn, their cosy melancholia could ease us into the joint best time of year quite wonderfully.


Hey Phish! Listen – I know you’re one of the biggest and most controversial bands in America, and I know that you’re used to selling out multiple nights at arenas and putting on three day festivals at which you’re the only band playing; and I know you haven’t played the UK in nearly 20 years, and that the last time you did you played three gigs, two of which were in London…

…but listen! How do you fancy taking a monumental pay cut and travelling across the world to play a 90 minute set to a crowd that would, unfortunately, be largely ambivalent?

Hey? Hey? Phish? No?

A man can dream.

And what sort of bands would YOU like to see play Liverpool Psych Fest? Let’s get a discussion going!

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